Thrive Alabama

Thrive-Horizontal1Thrive Alabama’s North Alabama Positive Leadership Council (NAPLC) is a project designed to expand advocacy efforts aimed at increasing access to quality prevention and care services in Alabama. Through this project, Thrive Alabama trains and empowers people living with HIV in North Alabama to pursue leadership roles within their communities and serve as advocates and resources for others living with HIV. The project fosters a larger network of advocates from across a 13-county region of the state.

The state of Alabama has a long history of defying the federal government and resisting measures that benefit marginalized communities. Fortunately, the federal system often mitigates the most egregious discrimination against and general disregard for people living with HIV. When decisions are delegated to the state, however, conservative legislatures can have devastating effects. Consequently, it is imperative for people living with HIV to be actively engaged in advocacy efforts directed at state and local decision makers on issues that impact their lives. This is why we work to build informed, educated, and empowered messengers with the capacity to create change at the state and local levels.

Key Activities

  • Increase the number of people living with or at risk for HIV who advocate for policy change in Alabama. Specifically, the grant supported the launch and continued success of the North Alabama Positive Leadership Council, a core group on public leaders on federal, state, and local HIV-related policy issues in Alabama
  • Increase public awareness of the importance of continued support for HIV prevention, treatment, and support services
  • Provide platform for Alabama residents to make their voices heard