Southern AIDS Coalition

The Southern AIDS Coalition (SAC) directs federal, state, and local policy on behalf of people living with HIV and the organizations that serve them; provide technical assistance and training to increase the capacity of organizations to affect system change; and organize and amplify the voices of people living with HIV. SAC’s direct advocacy, capacity building, and grassroots organizing have been instrumental in the development and implementation of public health policies that improve the lives of people living with HIV in the South.

Through the Strong HANDS (HIV Advocacy Networks of the Deep South), SAC seeks to reduce HIV-related disparities and health inequities in the South by empowering people living with HIV and their allies to achieve specific legislative and administrative policy changes. Specifically, SAC will work with core groups of gay and bisexual Black men and women of color to develop policy priorities, implement advocacy strategies, build leadership; coordinate with state-based advocacy networks to create written plans for business, communications, and advocacy; and unify the HIV movements in the program states with comprehensive advocacy plans that reflect the concerns of communities most affected by HIV, respect the priorities of the core groups, and address the systems of oppression that fuel the HIV epidemic in that state.