South Carolina HIV/AIDS Council (SCHAC)

South Carolina HIVAIDS CouncilThe women’s group POSITIVE Voices (PV), a project supported by the South Carolina HIV/AIDS Council, engages women living with HIV in policy advocacy. PV members ensure continued support in the state legislature for the South Carolina AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). Through the PV Women’s Empowerment Academy, women living with HIV interested in becoming advocates are identified and trained to be the voice for positive women within the local, state, and national conversations on HIV.

Key Activities

  • Collaboration with South Carolina HIV Task Force (SCHATF) to enhance state-wide advocacy efforts and raise both public and legislative awareness of the need for enhanced and/or expanded HIV Prevention funding in South Carolina
  • Increase statewide visibility of PV and advocacy issues through expanded distribution of PV public awareness posters and PSA’s produced through AIDS United

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