SisterLove, Inc.


SisterLove, Inc., founded in 1989, is the oldest nonprofit in the State of Georgia dedicated specifically to the education, prevention, advocacy, and support needs of women at risk for or living with HIV. SisterLove is a sexual and reproductive justice (SRJ) organization, with a gendered lens on HIV, and is centered in the grassroots, self-help movement of Black women, and other women of color to define key sexual and reproductive health issues that were long ignored and marginalized by the mainstream women’s health movement.

SisterLove’s Advocacy and Policy Program builds the leadership capacity and skill level of women and youth living with HIV to successfully and publicly lead the movement that emphasizes the link between SRJ and HIV throughout the South; mobilize Sisterlove’s networks to increase the capacity of advocates, activists, and organizations to integrate issues of SRJ and Human Rights into their everyday work; educate networks and legislative bodies on the primary issues that keep women and their families at risk for HIV and other SRJ issues; and advocate for policies related to Pre­Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), access to care, HIV criminalization, and sex education in Georgia Schools.

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