South Carolina HIV Task Force (SCHTF)

SCHTFSouth Carolina HIV Task Force (SCHTF) is a leader for HIV advocacy and meaningful inclusion of people living with HIV in South Carolina. SCHTF has developed relationships with national and local organizations to advocate for the civil and human rights of people living with HIV in South Carolina. SCHTF currently policy priorities include issues such as access to quality health systems and HIV criminalization, which gravely affect the lives and communities of people of color.

SCHTF will advocate for legal, regulatory, and policy reforms to improve the health of underserved populations, with a focus on the needs of low-income people living with HIV and/or chronic illnesses and disabilities. Specifically, SCHTF will work with partnering organizations to provide community advocacy training; mobilize advocates to modernize HIV criminalization and other disease-specific statutes in South Carolina; and mobilize advocates to advocate for the regulation of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and the influence that PBMs have on access to medication and treatment.