Racial Justice Action Center

Solutions Not Punishment Coalition (SNaP Co), a program of the Racial Justice Action Center, seeks to improve the quality of life for LGBTQ people of color in the Atlanta Metro Area by increasing the trans community’s access to quality health care, including housing and HIV prevention and treatment, and while decreasing police harassment, profiling, and abuse. SNaP Co elevates the voices of the trans community, battles the violent racism, homophobia, and transphobia of the Atlanta Police Department’s profiling and harassment, and pushes for programs and services in our communities which would provide jobs not jails and health care not handcuffs.

Through Transformative Organizing — powerful base-building in trans communities, transformative leadership development, and concrete policy campaigns that engage advocacy and media work – SNaP Co makes real changes in the institutions which affect our lives and shift the debate and along with it hearts and minds of the capital city of a Deep South state. Specifically, SNaP Co is working to implement a pre-arrest diversion initiative; change, amend or repeal laws which criminalize HIV status; and develop a membership base and leaders, especially people of trans experience living with HIV and who are formerly incarcerated.