North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition

Organizing Network of Positive Advocates for Harm Reduction (ON PAHR), a project of the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NCHRC), will enhance NCHRC’s grassroots coalition of people of color living with HIV in the Wilmington/Cape Fear Region of North Carolina to raise awareness and advocate for issues that affect people living with HIV, particularly about drug use, racial discrimination, and justice reform.

ON PAHR is the first minority-led HIV advocacy group in Southeast North Carolina to advocate for issues affecting people of color living with HIV. ON PAHR is creating a robust media campaign where members tell their stories and how their lives are affected by HIV, drug use, the justice system, racial discrimination, lack of access to health care, etc. Additionally, OH PAHR plans to introduce legislation to implement Fair Chance Hiring for public employees statewide and in New Hanover County; start the state’s second Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program; and work to end to the restriction on public funding for syringe exchange programs and other priorities identified by people living with HIV.

“Anyone who supports naloxone as a tool to save lives should support syringe exchange programs as well. They both give people a second chance.” – Sheriff Doug Doughtie, Dare County Sheriff’s Office