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The Tennessee AIDS Advocacy Network (TAAN) is a statewide association of organizations and individuals working together to improve awareness among the public and policymakers about HIV as a continuing public health issue within Tennessee. TAAN is the only statewide project in Tennessee devoted to education and advocacy on HIV-related policy issues, and places special focus on education and recruitment of people living with HIV as leaders and members of TAAN.

By increasing the number and diversity of organizations and individuals who understand the impact of HIV in Tennessee, and know how to advocate for continued funding for the HIV safety net, helps ensure Tennesseans have access to resources they need to stay healthy, reduce new transmissions, and ultimately end the HIV epidemic in the state.

TAAN places a particular focus on involvement of people living with HIV/AIDS and coalition work that promotes policy related to social justice issues that impact those at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS.

Key Activities

  • Recruits and meaningfully involves people living with or affected by HIV in Tennessee
  • Works closely with organizations and coalitions committed to improving health and addressing social justice issues affecting people living with or at-risk for HIV
  • Educate public and state policymakers about the need for and public health benefits of modernizing Tennessee’s HIV criminal exposure laws.
  • Work with TN Department of Health and community stakeholders to provide the health department with the authority and capacity to respond  to the risks of injection-drug related HIV and/or HCV outbreaks.
  • Implement a voter education and engagement program
  • Review marketplace insurance plans for evidence of discriminatory practices and develop and promote administrative and legislative reforms to address them
  • Builds relationships with members of the Tennessee General Assembly, especially those members serving in House and Senate committees with jurisdiction over HIV and related policies