Legal Services Alabama (LSA)

Legal Services Alabama (LSA) provides a full range of legal services in civil matters including, but not limited to, community education about rights and responsibilities; counsel and advice; administrative and judicial representation; appeals in appropriate cases; and legal self-help materials and forms. Through LSA’s HIV/AIDS REACH Program (HARP), LSA provides free civil legal assistance to low-income Alabamians who:

  • are living with HIV;
  • the spouse or child of someone living with HIV; or
  • have an HIV-related legal issue.

Additionally, H.A.R.P. staff provides educational presentations addressing the legal needs of people living with HIV and offers trainings for attorneys, law students, paralegals, social workers, health care workers, other AIDS service providers, and the general public.

Key Activities

  • Provide trainings to people living with HIV, AIDS Service Organizations, and the public on the various legal challenges confronting the HIV community
  • Attend meetings hosted by AIDS Service Organizations, Community Based Organizations and other agencies that directly or indirectly serve those living with or affected by HIV to share information on legal challenges faced by those living with HIV and how to access HARP services
  • Develop materials for Legal Services Alabama that address an overview of known legal issues facing those living with HIV
  • Identify and represent clients with cases that have the potential to impact the broader HIV community