Legacy Community Health


Legacy Community Health is a community-based health center that has been working to meet the needs of the HIV community since the beginning of the epidemic. Legacy is also involved in local, state, and federal health policy, with strong roots in the HIV community. Legacy has a longstanding commitment to the meaningful involvement of the HIV community and recently spearheaded the development of an ending the epidemic plan for the city of Houston.

Through 2017 RACE (Recognizing All Communities Everywhere), Legacy will mobilize the broader community and city and county partners to begin the first phase of implementing the plan. Additionally, Legacy will empower members of key communities that are vulnerable to HIV to participate in health care service delivery, policy, and funding decisions; support increased leadership capacity and meaningful involvement of people living with HIV through leadership roles in all areas of implementation of the ending the epidemic plan; and organize and facilitate community meetings to develop cultural competency trainings for providers on how to improve access to health care.