Equality Foundation of Georgia

The Equality Foundation of Georgia facilitates the work of the Georgia HIV Advocacy Network. The  Network was formed in 2009 to respond to the ongoing HIV epidemic and it’s disproportionate impact on gay and bisexual men and transgender women. This statewide network of providers, consumers, and citizens advocates for HIV policy initiatives on both a state and county level through policy analysis; advocacy training; and coordinated community activities.

Over the past six years The Georgia HIV Advocacy Network has developed strong collaborations with AIDS service providers and has used its policy expertise to advance a number of policy issues and mobilize large segments of the HIV community on issues such as Medicaid expansion, HIV criminalization, and support for evidence based prevention interventions.

Key Activities

  • Finalize and implement a comprehensive strategic plan to end AIDS in Fulton County
  • Engage state leaders to adopt the Fulton County strategic plan as a template for the development of a statewide plan to end AIDS
  • Conduct strategic engagement to ensure that the voices of black gay and bisexual men, young people living with HIV, and transgender women are involved in strategy development and plan implementation
  • Advance discussions on HIV criminalization, evidence-based prevention interventions, Medicaid expansion, and access to care