Equality Foundation of Georgia

The Equality Foundation of Georgia facilitates the work of the Georgia HIV Advocacy Network. The Network was formed in 2009 in response to the HIV epidemic’s disproportionate impact on gay and bisexual men and transgender women. This statewide network advocates for HIV policy initiatives on both a state and county level through policy analysis, advocacy training, and coordinated community activities.

The Georgia HIV Advocacy Network advances discussions on HIV criminalization, evidence-based HIV prevention interventions, and closing the coverage gap; conducts strategic engagement to include the voices of black gay and bisexual men, young people living with HIV, and transgender women in strategy development and implementation; and engages the broader LGBTQ and social justice community in HIV policy. Additionally, the Georgia HIV Advocacy Network is leveraging the Fulton County Strategy to End AIDS to open conversations for the development of a similar regional or state-wide plan.

“We recognize that structural changes must be addressed at both the state and local level to ensure that Georgia sees an HIV-free generation. We [young people] are a wellspring of knowledge, experiences, and solutions that inform the work of elected officials who are privileged with representing us. Therefore, none of the structural changes that affect us about us should happen without us.” – Deontez Wimbley, Youth HIV Policy Advisor