Equality Florida Institute

Through the HIV Decriminalization Project, Equality Florida will launch a statewide public education campaign to inform residents of the danger and injustice of Florida’s HIV criminal laws.

The HIV Decriminalization Project will identify and train 300 advocates who can be easily deployed, gain coverage supporting decriminalization in major media outlets, and establish a coalition of agencies committed to decriminalization. Additionally, the project will align Equality Florida Institute’s HIV decriminalization public education campaign with intersecting social/racial justice outreach, including work with the transgender community, people of color, women’s rights groups, and faith communities. This collaboration is central to the success of this project.

“It is because of Equality Florida’s deep history of advocacy, their collaborative spirit, and their legislative successes that we look forward to working with Equality Florida to combat the spread of HIV in Florida, the state with the highest rate of new infections in the country.” – ACLU of Florida