Collaborative Solutions, Inc. (CSI)

CHANGE: An HIV/AIDS Housing Advocacy Initiative is an ongoing project of Collaborative Solutions, Inc.(CSI) aimed at improving the system of housing, support, and care for low-income people living with HIV in New Orleans and surrounding areas of the state, an area in which people living with HIV continue to be challenged by housing and health disparities. Operating as a partnership between CSI and the local CHANGE Coalition, the project has demonstrated success in impacting local policies and funding priorities through data-driven advocacy, organizational capacity building, integrated advocacy planning, and the inclusion of a strong consumer voice.

CSI and CHANGE work together to empower consumers to self-advocate through meetings and advocacy events, education around people living with HIV housing needs, and targeted advocacy.

Key Activities

  • Develop data-driven evidence to support effective advocacy to maintain and expand critically needed housing and care
  • Increase the meaningful participation of people living with HIV in CHANGE advocacy efforts and community leadership
  • Strategically expand CHANGE’s political and other local alliances to increase the success of targeted advocacy efforts

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