Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition, INC

AHRC_LogoAHRC is the only organization in Atlanta that focuses specifically on promoting harm reduction strategies not only to affected populations, but also to the broader community.

Building trusting relationships between AHRC outreach workers and active drug users is the foundation upon which behavioral changes are built. AHRC delivers numerous community-level interventions, including: syringe exchange; HIV and viral Hepatitis testing and counseling, linkage, advocacy and education; healthy meal; and overdose prevention. Rain or shine, AHRC has provided these services twice weekly since May 1997.

Key Activities

  • AHRC will create a focus group to collect input on the importance of SEP and Needle Stick Prevention Law in Georgia.
  • AHRC will invite and provide harm reduction education to at least ten police officers in the area.
  • AHRC will recruit and train People Living With HIV including people who inject drugs to serve as advocates and members of local community advisory boards.
  • AHRC’s Peer Navigators and members of Community Advisory Board will provide education in regards to the importance of Syringe Exchange and Needle Stick Prevention.