Affinity Health Center

AHC_3c_sThrough the Ready for Change Project, Affinity Health Center continues policy and advocacy activities that focus on the local impact of the Affordable Care Act and other changes to the the health care system.  CC partners with the SC HIV Task Force to implement local and statewide activities that enhance access to HIV services through meaningful engagement of people living with HIV, targeted marketing strategies, and collaboration with other partners.

Key Activities

  • Engage in statewide dialogue and strategic planning related to the HIV prevention, the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid expansion, and access to the Health Insurance Exchanges
  • Provide education and advocacy on the local level with community leaders and policy makers about the importance of Medicaid Expansion in South Carolina
  • Increase the capacity of people living with HIV to understand the connection between social determinants of health, HIV in their communities, and the individual experiences of people living with HIV in the South, and to apply this understanding to advocacy efforts
  • Increase advocacy opportunities for people living with HIV
  • Strengthen partnerships with other advocacy organizations and social justice networks.
  • Expand efforts to educate our community on the the impact of stigma on access to HIV prevention and care services, and the importance of being involved in advocacy opportunities

The South is disproportionately impacted by HIV, and stigma is pervasive in Southern communities, further complicating access to HIV prevention and care services. This is why Catawba Care focuses on building advocacy capacity within its staff, volunteers, clients and its community to make a difference in the fight against HIV.