Access Network, Inc.

ACCESS Network’s Regional Advocacy Initiative targets activities that engage and mobilize uninsured and underinsured people to enroll in health insurance plans, provide meaningful opportunities for local consumers to participate in advocacy training and activities guided by the framework established by the SC HIV Task Force, and provide education and information to county and state legislative representatives and leaders on specific needs of people at risk for or living with HIV.

Project activities strengthen local alliances and utilize state and national resources to support increased leadership and meaningful engagement opportunities for people Living with HIV.

Key Activities

  • Raise public and legislative awareness of HIV and other health disparities and policy issues
  • Enhance regional advocacy efforts to increase the array of services (HIV prevention, access to care, legal, and transportation) in rural areas
  • Provide an intersectional collaborative mechanism to increase and diversify the integrated, and coordinated support for HIV/AIDS and health disparities prevention, care, treatment, gaps in Medicaid coverage, and private insurance outreach and enrollment
  • Increase the number of people willing to advocate for policy change, understand the underlying social determinants and structural factors

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