Mississippi Center for Justice

Through the Mississippi AIDS Justice Project, Mississippi Center for Justice offers a systemic approach to collaborate and address the policy and unmet legal needs of people living with HIV, particularly in the areas of housing, employment discrimination, and confidentiality rights. The Center accomplishes this through a continued partnership with other service providers and advocates in the medical and social services communities. The Center will strengthen its capacity to develop a coordinated approach to advocating for the legal rights and protections for this population.

Key Activities

  • Provide legal assistance to people living with and impacted by HIV
  • Conduct outreach and training to people living with and impacted by HIV to inform them of their legal rights and how to access legal services
  • Participate in advocacy challenging problematic HIV and stigmatizing laws
  • Conduct outreach and education to employers, housing providers, health care providers, and faith-based communities to provide education on HIV discrimination and assess legal rights of people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Strengthen outreach and education strategies for faith-based leaders and reach out to new partners in faith communities to educate them and enlist their support in the work to bring together other stakeholders to reassess the needs and priorities of people living with HIV
  • Convene service providers and advocacy partners on a regular basis to share information about barriers to judicial access and identify priority issues and advocacy strategies for policy change
  • Convene the annual Mississippi AIDS Justice Project in November 2016