Legacy Community Health

Legacy_LogoLegacy Community Health is a community-based health center that has been working to meet the needs of the HIV/AIDS community since the beginning of the epidemic. Legacy provides primary care and disease management throughout Houston and Southeast Texas. From its inception, Legacy has been known as a safe haven in which persons from all walks of life can receive high quality health care, free of discrimination. In furtherance of its mission, Legacy is involved in local, state and federal health policy with strong roots in the HIV/AIDS community.

Legacy has a longstanding commitment to the meaningful involvement of the HIV community.  Legacy has operated the Positive Organizing Project (POP+) since 2014. POP+ is a advocacy and leadership training program designed by and for people living with HIV. The purpose of POP+ is to build leadership in the HIV community to expand civic engagement through meaningful involvement in public policy and community organizations, create a network of social support, reduce stigma, and ensure access to care. A total of 27 persons living with HIV/AIDS have completed the program and remained involved in advocacy related activities such as voter registration and traveling to Austin earlier this year to talk to legislators about issues related to the HIV/AIDS community.

Key Activities

  • Develop an end of HIV/AIDS plan for the City of Houston that will provide specific actions, funding and implementation for ending the AIDS epidemic in Houston over the next five years.
  • The Plan, once adopted by the City of Houston, will result in an administrative and policy change for the city because it does not currently have an end of AIDS plan.
  • Engage traditional and non-traditional organizations, partners and collaborators in the development of the plan utilizing an intersectional and social justice approach.
  • Increase the capacity and meaningful involvement of people living with HIV/AIDS in the development of the plan and provide leadership opportunities during the planning process.
  • Integrate voter registration activities and mobilization throughout the planning process.