Duke Health Justice Clinic

The Duke Health Justice Clinic focuses on barriers to HIV care and prevention including health care reform implementation in NC, access to HIV medication and care, HIV-related stigma, and criminalization of HIV. The Clinic works to inform policy recommendations and advocacy strategies at the national, regional, state and county levels in executive, legislative, and regulatory arenas.  The policy work of the Clinic directly supports the advocacy work of the NC AIDS Action Network and NC community-based organizations working in the HIV advocacy sphere.

Key Activities

  • Provide policy research to the NC AIDS Action Network (NCAAN) and other community-based stakeholders in NC on the benefits and feasibility of North Carolina’s ADAP program paying Affordable Care Act insurance premiums for ADAP eligible clients. As part of this work, the Duke Health Justice Clinic will analyze the costs, provider networks, and prescription drug formularies of the NC marketplace insurance plans.
  • Collaborate with NCAAN and other community-based advocates in NC to educate the NC ADAP program, the NC Department of Health and Human Services, the NC Governor and the Legislature about the benefits of a broad ADAP insurance completion program.
  • Prepare and submit policy recommendations through Comments on NC’s 3115 Medicaid waiver request to ensure that quality metrics that are important to people living with HIV are included in quality standards for the re-designed program including adequate medication formulary protections, recognition of HIV providers as primary care providers, and access to adequate provider networks.